Jury Still Out on Leadership of EU's New Defense Fund

The jury is still out on who will lead the European defense fund. Macron’s nominee to the EU’s cabinet, Sylvie Goulard, failed her hearing at the European Parliament due to corruption and other political reasons. As a result, the EU’s next executive branch will almost certainly not take office by November 1.

Sylvie Goulard, Commission Nominee for Industry, Digital, and Defense

Sylvie Goulard, Commission Nominee for Industry, Digital, and Defense

In the flagship video of this website, I argued that Javier Solana would come back to lead the European Defense Fund, which would fulfill Daniel 11:38. The Antichrist will apparently be a big defense spender, as I argue in this article as well. Furthermore, this fund has numerous and very explicit 666 connections to it. This is reminiscent of the other documents which correspond to Solana fulfilling a prophecy, such as Recommendation 666 and Document 666.

I do admit I am guilty of “reading tea leaves” when it comes to that number. However, I do think it functions as an important check when a prophecy is or is about to be fulfilled.

Some think-tank analysts thought that the defense fund should be placed under the EU high representative, since that person already manages most EU defense affairs. Nevertheless, the incoming Commission President, Ursula Von Der Leyen, did not arrange it this way. Yet now, with Goulard’s failure, she has the opportunity to place that portfolio underneath the High Representative. Furthermore, some members of Parliament want the defense portfolio separated from the other portfolios she was supposed to manage.

In another article, I argued that the EU High Representative is best positioned to fulfill three prophecies. First, he leads the 7-year contract with Israel. (Dan. 9:27) Second, he is an obvious choice to lead the defense fund, since he is in charge of defense affairs. (Dan. 11:38) Finally, due to his position as military leader of the EU, it would make sense to make any set of pan-European military forces under his command as well. (Rev. 17:16-17)

In other news, Josep Borrell was confirmed as EU High Representative, passing the exam with flying colors. I will provide an in-depth analysis of that outcome in the coming days. Who knows if family obligations, or the desire to remain foreign minister, will prevent him from carrying out this role.

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The analysis on the Borrell confirmation is now available.

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