Will Borrell Bail or Fail?


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This post will make the most sense if you watch the two part series “Proof that Jesus is Coming Soon.” You can watch this by going to the homepage, or clicking on the corresponding article. The first video (and first article) link to the second at the end.

In the first video, I argue that Solana may return to lead the European defense fund, and thus fulfill Daniel 11:38. The reason he is the best candidate for this has to do with how he fulfilled three specific prophecies about the Antichrist, among other things.

In the second video, I argue that the best way this might happen is if he returns to his old position of EU High Representative, which has since been enlarged to some degree. Furthermore, I argued that certain programs might be linked to the High Representative, which would put him on track to fulfill three more prophecies.

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Again, this post will make a lot more sense if you watch the two part video series, or read the two part article series.

How the EU Works

Spain was able to land the post of EU High Representative, as a consolation prize for the Socialists not getting the main EU presidency. For my US visitors, this illustration will help make more sense. Imagine if all the governors of every state got together every five years, stayed up all night, and picked the President. Imagine if Congress could only say “yes” or “no” to this decision, but could not force its own candidate.

However, imagine that this same meeting of governors chose all the cabinet posts for the President. Imagine if there was a cabinet position for as many states as there were. Each state gets to pick who will be their person on the cabinet, adding up to a total of 50 cabinet members. Nevertheless, some cabinet posts (like Secretary of State) are more high ranking than others (say, secretary of agriculture, or whatever its called).

This is how the EU works. All the leaders of each country get together every five years and make a deal on who the next EU President will be. The European Parliament then rubber stamps this, or vetoes it. (They have never vetoed it, but they came very close this time). Then, each country proposes a person to be on the Presidents cabinet. After interviewing them, the President has the power to turn away nominees. Furthermore, all the commissioners (cabinet members) must be ratified by European Parliament.

One cabinet post is so senior that it is usually chosen right after, or along with the President. This is the High Representative. This is the EU’s “Secretary of State” or “Foreign Minister.” This person must pass by a qualified majority vote. But just like the other cabinet members, they still have to face Parliament.

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The Spanish Dilemma

As I said before, Spain was able to get the EU High Representative position. They came to this agreement at the same meeting where they chose the President. Therefore, Spain gets to have the “Secretary of State.” This person is automatically a vice president as well.

The Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, twisted the arm of his current foreign minister, Josep Borrell, be their main man to go to Brussels as commissioner. He tried to force him out, not because he disliked him, but for domestic political reasons.

But as it turned out, Spain got the post of High Representative, not some other high ranking position. This was because the socialists needed represented in the upper echelons of the EU. Sanchez was unable to install socialist Frans Timmermans of the Netherlands as president. As a result, Spain, who is one of the only big socialist governments in the EU right now, took the post of High Representative as a consolation prize.


Two Very Big Problems

However, there are two very big problems with this arrangement. First, Borrell is not at all enthusiastic about this job. He didn’t want it, and especially didn’t want it if it wasn’t an “executive” VP. I wrote about this at length in this other blog post. However, as it turns out, the President did NOT set it up so that the High Representative would be an “executive” VP.

Borrell didn’t want to go anyway, so that really hurts the situation. In the current setup, the High Rep won’t even lead the European defense fund, which is kind of insane, since the High Rep leads EU military operations! This makes for a very fragmented situation.

Second, Borrell might not even pass the hearing in Parliament. Parliament has the power to affirm or deny the cabinet members as a group, which they will do the week of October 22. However, each committee within Parliament “grills” the incoming commissioners, to see if they are fit for office. If they don’t pass a 2/3 majority, they have a chance at a second try, where only a majority is needed.

Rumor has it that Sanchez and Borrell are very concerned he won’t pass the hearing. Borrell has said some controversial things in the past. However, his foreign office allegedly spied on conversations between Catalonia (a region of Spain that wants to break away) and the diplomats of foreign countries. What is worse, he was convicted of insider trading last year. As a result, there is a coordinated effort in Parliament to oust him. Ironically, this includes the socialists, who are angry that Sanchez didn’t get the main EU president to be a socialist. This has led to the “perfect storm” which looms over Borrell.

(To be fair, I knew it was coming. But check out my 6,660 tweet and my 6,666 tweet.

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One Diabolical Solution

Borrell may very well fail the hearing. If he does not, he might bail a couple days before it happens. This wouldn’t be unprecedented, as this is what he did days before he would have become a member of European Parliament, which he also didn’t want to do. Which leaves Spain a huge conundrum. They would need to propose someone to be on the cabinet.

Furthermore, if all the other nominees are confirmed, it would be up to Spain to try to give a candidate for High Representative. Though this isn’t mandatory, its most likely, as Sanchez would very quickly try to save the “win” he got at European Council. If he didn’t, Spain would have nothing to show for the intense negotiations last July.

What better choice than to pick Javier Solana for the job. After all, he was the inaugural holder of the post. Think tanks pine away for the days of Solana, when EU foreign policy had a stronger voice. Furthermore, he and Borrell are very similar. They are both old school socialists who are in their 70’s. Furthermore, they are former colleagues, and know each other as a result. Based on the information in the second video, there is good reason to believe Solana would take the job if asked. Furthermore, the senior editor of a major EU newspaper suggested we optimistic, and expect Javier Solana.


What About the European Defense Fund?

As I mentioned before, the High Representative was not made an executive vice president. In the current set up, it only has a coordinating role. It doesn’t have a department under its direct command. Furthermore, the High Representative was not even put in charge of the European Defense Fund. This flies in the face of the recommendations of think tanks, as well as common sense. If the High Representative is supposed to make the EU stronger in the world, and lead European defense efforts, then why on earth wouldn’t you make them leader of the flagship EU defense program!?!

As it turns out, Borrell may not be the only one in trouble. Some news articles are saying that it might be “open season” on rejecting commissioners. Parliament might end up taking them out like “clay pigeons” according to one article. This would be very chaotic, as they normally only reject one or maybe two commissioners. However, they might have a political truce between the parties, wherein if you don’t hit someone from my party, I won’t hit yours, type arrangement.

Nevertheless, the Parliament can pressure the President to rearrange the portfolios (i.e. who does what job). As it stands right now, the European defense fund is going to be led by Sylvie Goulard of France. However, she was questioned by police the same day she was appointed, because of something related to what her party did in the past. As a result, there is speculation she might get knocked out. Parliament is already angry about how the EU President was chosen, so they might take out more than normal this time around.

If Borrell fails, and Goulard gets knocked out, then Solana may enter the picture. In that case, he is a very high ranking person. He was former Secretary General of NATO. When he went to the EU, he spent ten years building their defense efforts. It would only make sense to make him an executive VP, by also putting him in charge of European defense fund. He has spoken very strongly in the past in favor of similar type initiative, so it only makes sense to give it to him.

Who knows? 12 years of waiting (and much longer for some of you) will washout in a month or so. I admit it is very tense and stressful and scary. Trusting the Lord is very very hard. But we will see. Soon we will see.

Come Lord Jesus!

Important Update (September 17, 2019)

As it stands now, the chances of Borrell bailing have substantially increased. Spain’s coalition talks have deadlocked, and they are scheduled to go to elections on November 10. However, Borrell is required to resign as foreign minister before November 1, when the term of office for High Representative would start.

But this poses a problem for Sanchez. If Borrell leaves to the EU, he cannot appoint another acting foreign minister, but would have to assign it to someone else in his cabinet. This would leave Spain in the position of having no foreign minister until the government is formed. Therefore, Borrell may bail in the face of pressure of Parliament. He could save face by staying on as foreign minister for the good of Spain. This is what he did in the past when he resigned his European Parliament post, 4 days before office began.


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