EU to Restart Israel Meetings Which May Result in 7-Year Agreement

EU to Restart Israel Meetings Which May Result in 7-Year Agreement

The European Union announced that they would restart the annual EU-Israel Association Council after a 10-year pause. Some EU officials see these meetings as an opportunity to discuss the EU's role in the Middle East Peace Process.

The EU often uses Association Council meetings to sign off on shared goals with neighboring countries, called "Partnership Priorities." These documents guide how money from the EU's 7-year foreign aid program will be used. Furthermore, 158 members of European Parliament recently complained that there were not yet Partnership Priorities for Israel.

As a participating country in the EU's foreign aid program, Israel is a prime candidate for a Partnership Priorities agreement. Yet as it turns out, the EU's recent Partnership Priorities documents with Egypt and Jordan apply retroactively for a 7-year period, to align with the EU's 2021-2027 budget. As a result, Israel may likewise sign a 7-year contract with the EU in the future.

EU and Egypt Sign 7-Year Partnership Priorities

The current agreement between the EU and Israel is the EU-Israel Action Plan, which was launched in 2005. However, European leaders have extended this outdated agreement until 2025. EU legal documentation says that this three-year extension may enable the EU and Israel to negotiate Partnership Priorities. This would presumably last for the EU's next budgetary cycle from 2028 to the end of 2034.

This fits very closely with Bible prophecy, where the final leader of the revived Roman Empire confirms a 7-year covenant with Israel and possibly many others (Daniel 9:27). In addition, Isaiah 28:14-15 states that this is a mutual agreement with Israel, not just a one-sided covenant by the Antichrist. Yet any Partnership Priorities agreement is accompanied by a signing ceremony between the EU's foreign policy chief and the foreign minister of the participating country.

Isaiah 28:14-15 and Zechariah 11:17 indicate that the Antichrist promises some kind of protection for Israel, but later betrays her. Interestingly, security and stability in neighboring countries are some of the shared goals between Egypt and the EU. Upon becoming a full-blown military power, the EU could provide peace and security to its partner countries in the Mediterranean.

The first EU foreign policy chief, called the High Representative, has fulfilled many prophecies about the Antichrist's rise to power. As a result, we should carefully watch to see who holds this office in the future, as they would be the main EU signatory of a 7-year contract with Israel. Furthermore, we should closely watch the inclusion of any promise of military protection within this upcoming agreement.

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