Javier Solana wants a "world government"

Javier Solana wants a "world government"

Eventually, the Antichrist will have control over the entire planet. Revelation 13 says:

And authority was given it over every tribe and people and language and nation, – Revelation 13:7 ESV

In a 2010 speech, top Antichrist candidate, Javier Solana, called for world government:

Europe can and must be - if my expression is allowed - some kind of laboratory of what a world government system could be. In Europe, countries have made voluntary transfers of sovereignty. Voluntary! No one has forced them, is the first time in history where transfers of sovereignty are freely made. (1)

In a 2013, he edited a book called “Humanity at Risk: The Need for Global Governance.” In the preface, he writes that:

We must deepen the debate surrounding global governance as a goal to which humanity must strive with all its might. (2)

In 2015 article, he coauthored an article called “Treating Global Governance Seriously.” (3)

In a 2017 article, he recommended that we pursue a “global” and “universal” democracy. (4)

In 2019, he gave a speech called “Global Governance in the 21st Century.” (5)


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