New German Government Pushes for “European Federal State"

New German Government Pushes for “European Federal State"

Map of the European Union

What Happened?

On Wednesday of last week, three political parties within Germany made a deal to form a government. As part of this agreement, the chairman of Germany’s socialist party, Olaf Scholz, would become Germany’s new chancellor. In their coalition agreement, these three parties agreed that Europe should work towards a “European federal state.” This would create a “United States” of Europe, wherein the European Union would become a federal government like the United States.

The document also calls for increased cooperation between the armed forces of European countries. Though not mentioned in the text, all three parties want some kind of “European army” to defend the continent.

Olaf Scholz, Chancellor-elect of Germany

Political Background

Germany has historically paid lip-service to European unification. Outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who held power for 16 years, supported proposals such as a European army.

However, Emmanuel Macron, President of France, wanted to take real steps towards making the EU an independent military actor in the world. Yet when it came time for real EU integration, the Germans were nowhere to be found. In the case of EU military unification, Merkel dragged her feet so long that Macron gave up trying to convince her.

Merkel and Macron at a Press Conference

Yet all this may be about to change with the new coalition agreement between three German parties. Agreements like this tend to be more vague, in order to please all the parties of the agreement, who could very well have differing views on the subject. Yet in this case, the Socialists, Greens, and liberals were bold enough to include a call for a federal European state within their coalition agreement. It even calls for the EU’s future of Europe conference to become a constitutional convention to form this new United States of Europe.

Biblical Background

As discussed in another article, the Bible anticipates the rebirth of the Roman Empire immediately prior to the Second Coming of Christ. Theologians call this the revived Roman Empire.

The historical Roman Empire started off in Western Europe, and expanded to the Middle East and North Africa. In much the same way, the Antichrist, who is the leader of this end times Roman Empire, will apparently start off in Western Europe. Once he has consolidated power back home, he will then use military force to obtain territory in the Middle East and North Africa.

The European Union has many features of the end-times Roman Empire. As expected, the European Union exists in Western Europe. It was founded at the Treaty of Rome. It makes its own laws, has its own currency, and has its own legislature.

Unlike the Roman Empire of the past, Daniel 2:41 says that the future Roman Empire will be a divided kingdom. The disagreements between France and Germany on the EU’s future, as well as the disastrous eurozone crisis, are evidence enough of this disunity.

Roman Empire Under Trajan

The Bible depicts the end-times Roman Empire as a beast with ten horns. As Revelation 17 indicates, these represent ten kings who will co-rule with the Antichrist in the end times, prior to giving him their authority. This is different from how the Roman Empire was ruled in the past. In this future Roman Empire, it appears a confederation of Western European states will give their sovereignty, or “royal power” to the Antichrist.

As Revelation 17 verse 17 says:

for God has put it into their hearts to carry out his purpose by being of one mind and handing over their royal power to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled.

This sounds like a confederation of ten countries and their leaders who form a European federal government, with the Antichrist at their head.

This group of ten kings may have already existed, and given their military functions to the European Union. This was a separate organization from the European Union, but worked closely with it.  After transferring all its functions to the EU, it closed down in 2011. According to the EU’s foreign office, the Western European Union formed the basis for the EU’s defense structures today.

Flag of Western European Union

What Could Happen As a Result?

Yet despite this shift in power from the WEU to the EU, European states are still sovereign, especially as it relates to their military power. A European federation could change all of that. Furthermore, it is unlikely that all 27 EU member countries would vote to create a United States of Europe. Such a decision would require unanimous approval, which would be extremely unlikely.

However, ten (or more) of these countries could make a special treaty, wherein they could give up their power to the European union. In the past, European countries have made treaties outside the European Union, and linked them with the EU or its governing bodies. Some examples of this include the EU’s borderless travel zone, called the Schengen area, and the European Stability Mechanism, which is designed to provide economic stability during a severe economic crisis.

Coming Full Circle

As a result, it would be unsurprising if the ten original Western European Union countries (and others) built a special treaty to create a European federation. Now that Germany is on board, France and Germany could work together towards a goal like this. This group of two countries has historically been referred to as an “engine” which drives European unification. This Franco-German engine is all that much more powerful, given that Italy may be a willing participant as well.

It remains to be seen when this United States of Europe will come. However, when it does rise, we should be closely watching who leads it, especially its military component. The Bible is very clear that it is the Antichrist who holds the military power in Europe during the end times.

As always, Stay Tuned. Come Lord Jesus.