Prophecy Radar: New Content - Johnson's Roman Empire - USA Babylon

Prophecy Radar: New Content - Johnson's Roman Empire - USA Babylon
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This article, called the "Prophecy Radar" will include a summary of the major prophecy related news that's come out recently, especially as it relates to content on this website. I will release a prophecy radar post every so often, hopefully every week or two. This new set of posts will monitor developments as they specifically relate to the "New Content" below.

New Content!

You will find an updated "Start Here" page, which is "8 Signs that Jesus is Coming Soon."

8 Signs that Jesus is Coming Soon
We cannot know the exact day or hour of Jesus’ return. However, Jesus tells us that when certain events take place, we can know that he is just around the corner: 32 “Now learn the parable from the fig tree: as soon as its branch has become tender and sprouts

You will also find a brand new "Summary of Prophecies" page, which boils down everything I am watching into a list post:

Summary of Prophecies
It’s happening. Biblical prophecies are being fulfilled. And it’s not just speculation anymore. These prophecies are happening right now. And they’re being fulfilled just as the Bible said they would be.

A New "Roman Empire" in the Mediterranean?

Boris Johnson, the UK's Prime Minister has suggested turning Emmanuel Macron's "European Political Community" idea into something of a new Roman Empire with Turkey, north Africa, and even Israel participating.

Macron's original proposal, which is very light on detail, basically would involve a way for European countries that are not part of the EU (and won't be for a long time) to become part of a "lite" version of the EU.  Ukraine would be a good example of a country that could participate. However, Johnson would like this idea to expand to the whole Mediterranean, reviving the Roman Empire's "Mare Nostrum" concept.

Turning the EU into a hegemon in the Mediterranean would reinforce its status as the revived Roman Empire. It is very consistent with F.A. Tatford's interpretation of the Rider on the White Horse in Revelation 6, which is quoted in John Walvoord's Revelation commentary:

It is far more probable, however, that the reference is to the rise and career of a mighty imperial ruler after the rapture of the Church, who brings under his sway a vast territory in an endeavour to maintain peace, order, and prosperity.

Despite Johnson's resignation as UK Prime Minister, some in Israeli media have suggested making Israel a participant nation. This could be part of a future 7-year foreign aid program by the EU with many participant countries, including Israel.

The 7-year foreign aid program of the EU finances the European Neighborhood Policy, which is intended to stabilize the Mediterranean and neighboring countries. We'll have to see how Macron's political community idea pans out, and if its tied with the EU's 7-year budget, as the EU's relations with Israel currently are.

Speaking of Boris Johnson...

Boris Johnson has announced his resignation once a replacement prime minister has been found. The current Conservative Party has been responsible for getting Brexit done. Therefore, they are generally more opposed to getting into a defense and security relationship with the EU.

However, the UK is one of the former members of the 10-nation Western European Union, which dissolved in favor the EU's "common purpose" in defense, called the Common Security and Defense Policy.

Revelation predicts that the ten nations will give their national sovereignty to the Antichrist, especially as it relates to their ability to destroy Babylon by fire in one day. Therefore, they surrender their military power to the Antichrist. In order for this to happen, the UK must be included in this sovereignty transfer, since it was one of the 10 nations.

The resignation of Johnson may be one of the stepping stones to the end of the Conservative Party dominance, paving the way for a return of a more EU-sympathetic Labour Party. This is actually likely, as Labour polls much stronger in the UK. If they keep this up, they will definitely have a majority next election.

USA Babylon Scholarly Article

Excellent article here on how the USA is Babylon the Great. You may not agree with all of the conclusions, but it is very interesting. Most articles on the USA/NYC Babylon view are written at the popular level. However, the author links to his more lengthy exegetical article on the subject. The author has a doctorate in theology.

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