EU Aims to Coordinate Weapons Purchases for All Member Countries

EU Aims to Coordinate Weapons Purchases for All Member Countries

Let's have a look at what the European Council conclusions (May 30-31, 2022) say about who will control EU defense spending decisions in the future.

"the European Council invites the Council to examine the following issues, in line with the respective competences conferred by the Treaties:...the development of an EU defence strategic programming, procurement and coordination capability, in complementarity with NATO;"

Translation: The EU wants to eventually make all the defense spending and weapons buying decisions for European member countries! This was suggested by the EU commission a couple weeks ago in their "joint communication."

But here, the European Council invites, well, the Council (i.e. itself) to look into how the EU can coordinate defense spending for all the countries in the EU. This is very significant for prophecy, and we should pay close attention to who leads these programs.

Daniel says that the Antichrist will be a big defense spender.

"He shall honor the god of fortresses instead of these. A god whom his fathers did not know he shall honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and costly gifts." -Daniel 11:38

This comes right after the text says that he serves no gods at all (Daniel 11:37). Therefore, the "god of fortresses" is a metaphor for military strength. This is in general alignment with what commentators have said about the "god of fortresses."

But can we be more specific? It doesn't say he worships "the god of war." It says the "god of fortresses." "Fortresses" are a reference to a "fortified military defense." Therefore, the Antichrist doesn't just worship military power. He worships military defense.

In his commentary on Daniel, Dr. J. Paul Tanner makes this about Antichrist:

"In place of Yahweh God, the antichrist...will put his stock in military might...The word 'strongholds' commonly used in the Old Testament...of a fortified military defense." (emphasis mine)

But how does he honor this God? With "gold and silver" and "precious stones and costly gifts." In modern terms, this is MONEY. The Antichrist is really big into defense spending.

"Precious resources like 'gold, silver, precious stones, and desirable treasures' will mean nothing to this tyrant. He will readily pour them into procuring whatever military goods he can obtain..." - J. Paul Tanner (seems to be referring to defense spending.)

In the words of another great commentator, when speaking of the Antichrist, Dr. Leon Wood, in his "Commentary on Daniel" said that:

“...warfare has always been expensive, and this will be true as ever for this ruler…” (emphasis mine)

But clearly, the EU is not the only organization that does or will do defense spending planning! The U.S. spends far more on weapons purchases than the EU. So why does the EU matter?

First, the EU is the revived Roman Empire, predicted in the Bible. In this article, I talk about how the Roman Empire must return in the end times prior to the Second Coming of Christ. In another article, I talk about how the European Union is that Roman Empire that has been reborn.

The Antichrist is the last leader of the Roman Empire, prior to his defeat at the hands of God. (Daniel 7). Therefore, it is the Antichrist which will probably control this new EU defense spending apparatus. After all, according to the Jesus Film project, we may be 5-10 years away from the Gospel going to every nation on earth! This makes the EU’s new program the “only game in town” as it were.

What is more, the EU does not intend to make its own weapons purchases. This too is significant. The end times Roman Empire is composed of a group of kings (i.e. ten) not just one. Therefore, it makes sense that this defense spending program would coordinate weapons purchases for the member countries. The EU is not buying weapons for itself.

Watch this space carefully, to see who will lead this new defense spending program. I have my own beliefs as to who it will be. But regardless, whoever it is, let's pay very, very close attention to whoever ends up controlling this new EU structure.